Bank Dhofar

Remote Cheque Capture & Deposit (RCCD) services

Eliminate time consuming trips to the Bank to deposit your cheques with BankDhofar RCCD
“Time Efficient, Flexible, Secure, Cost Efficient”

  • RCCD allows you to deposit cheques remotely from the comfort of your offices via a secured web-based as well as high speed scanner at the corporate level to facilitate bulk cheque processing

  • Inter-bank & intra-bank instruments can be processed

  • Secure platform with all security levels in place

  • RCCD allows you to manage Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) via its electronic warehousing feature.

  • RCCD processes Both BankDhofar and other Banks Cheques in a secure and time efficient manner.

  • RCCD has the capability to provide customized reports electronically for reconciliation and updating of the ERP.

  • Avoid the hustle of going to branch to present cheques before cut-off time.

  • Cheque return memo is available in the system in both EN and AR.

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