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Maisarah Islamic Banking Services celebrates Omani Women’s Day with Ladies Prize Draw

As a tribute to women, Maisarah Islamic Banking Services conducted a special draw on Omani Women Day, observed annually on October 17. Intending to thank and show appreciation to all women in Oman for their contributions to the society. The Prize Account Scheme picked 10 women winners, one per branch, who took home OMR 1000 each.

Nasser Said Al Bahantah, Chief Retail Banking Officer at Maisarah Islamic Banking Services, said: “We conducted a segment prize draw under the Maisarah Prize Account Scheme dedicated to women. We want to honor women who contribute so much to our community. Women in Oman have made a difference in almost every area of life and this is our tribute to them.”

The Prize Account Scheme, which makes winning easier, has not only been encouraging people to take charge of their finances but also rewarding them substantially for their saving habits. To get the chance to be one of the winners with Maisarah Prize Scheme, people are urged to open a Maisarah Prize Account today. Maisarah is keen on introducing excellent products for customers and aims to continue to work on rolling out an extensive product range. Through its prize scheme and by providing attractive incentives, Maisarah wants to inspire its esteemed customers to save. The 2020 edition of the Prize Account Scheme announced bigger prizes, more winners, and guaranteed prizes for each branch throughout the year.

Maisarah recently conducted several draws including main prizes draw, grand prizes draws, segment prizes draw, special prizes draw, welcome draw, anniversary draw, loyalty draw, and special draw for Mobile Banking App users.

Maisarah Prize Account is based on the Islamic profit sharing concept of Mudarabah. Customers need to maintain an average balance of OMR 100 in their account for a week for weekly prizes and a month for all other prizes. For every OMR 100 balance, standard customers get one chance, affluent customers get two chances, and priority customers get three chances to win.

The 2020 scheme has made winning easier for customers by providing more chances for customers to win in the main prizes, special prizes, segment prizes, and grand prizes. All customers are eligible to a prize pool of more than OMR 700,000.

Customers have a chance to win in the main prizes draws which includes weekly draws for OMR 100 held throughout the year (three winners from each branch per week). Under the monthly draw customers have a chance to win OMR 1,000 (one winner from each branch per month). Maisarah has introduced quarterly draws which are; welcome draw, loyalty draw and Mobile banking draw where customers have the chances to win OMR 500 for each draw (one winner from each branch every quarter). 10 winners have the opportunity to win OMR 5,000 each as part of Maisarah Anniversary. As part of the National Day draw, six winners have the chance to win OMR 2,000.

Maisarah is keen this year to provide chances of winning to each member of the family with the segment prizes including Kids segment prize where customers will have the chance to win OMR 100 (5 winners per branch), Youth segment prize where customers will have the chance to win OMR 500 (1 winner per branch), Ladies segment prize where customers will have the chance to win OMR 1,000 (1 winner per branch), Senior Citizen segment prize where customers will have the chance to win OMR 1,000 (1 winner per branch), and Expat segment prize where customers will have the chance to win OMR 1,000 (1 winner per branch). Maisarah also conducts grand prizes draws, during which winners can take home OMR 2,000 (per winner/one winner per month) in the monthly grand prizes. The yearly grand prize draws money is OMR 25,000, OMR 50,000 and OMR 100,000 for one winner each.

Sun, 25 Oct 2020

'Three Decades of Excellence in Banking' for BankDhofar at Oman Banking & Finance Awards

  • “BankDhofar is poised to take up challenges in a rapidly changing business environment,” says CEO.
  • BankDhofar has laid out solid infrastructure to get ready for further business growth.

In recognition of its ongoing contributions to the growth of the Omani banking sector and diversification of the national economy over the past 30 years, BankDhofar received the 'Three Decades of Excellence in Banking' Award at the Oman Banking & Finance Awards.

The high profile event was part of the 5th edition of New Age Banking Summit – Oman, which was held in Muscat recently under the auspices of H.E. Tahir Salim Al Amri, Executive President of the Central Bank of Oman, and was attended by Abdul Hakeem Omar Al Ojaili, BankDhofar’s CEO and Chairman of Oman Banks Association. Representing the Bank at the event was Ahmed Said Al Ibrahim, Chief Operating Officer at BankDhofar.

Reflecting on the 30 years of successful operations, Al Ojaili noted: “We are proud of BankDhofar’s achievements and the significant role it played in the development of the finance industry in Oman. We have facilitated various large-scale national level infrastructure projects and worked on different investment and business partnerships across the Sultanate. Today, I am glad to see BankDhofar perfectly poised to take up challenges in such a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment, and it is geared to tackle any scenarios in order to serve the interest of our customers, investors, shareholders and strategic partners.”

The award was received by Ahmed Said Al Ibrahim, Chief Operating Officer at BankDhofar, during the event that was attended by CEOs of Omani banks, representatives of Oman Banks Association, fintech experts, finance and investment professionals, insurance and business consultants.

Established in 1990, BankDhofar has grown from a small transactional bank to the second largest bank in Oman, operating as a key financial advisory and strategic investment partner to various key government and private institutions. It went from a one-branch and 80-employee organisation to one of the top Omani financial institutions with over 1,600 employees and a large network of branches across all governorates.

Realizing that Fintech is the future reality of the banking industry, BankDhofar has set the foundation and infrastructure for further digitization. The Bank provides instant international money transfer service with Western Union through its mobile banking app. It has also launched a flagship drive-thru banking service for the first time in Oman, as well as a number of multifunction kiosks in selected outlets. Going the extra mile, BankDhofar is the only bank in Oman to offer cardless ATM banking services and instant banking transfer to other banks via mobile banking app.

As part of its strategic growth vision and to set an example for best banking practices in the region, BankDhofar has implemented major programmes within its organizational transformation journey, laying out a solid infrastructure to get the bank ready for its next phase of business growth and development. The bank is currently formulating its five-year strategic plan (2021-2025) within the context of the national priorities and the economic aspirations of the Sultanate.

Applying world-class methodologies with the aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness, BankDhofar has re-engineered all its internal processes, revamped digital channels, upgraded core banking and customer relationship management systems, and introduced an enterprise resources planning programme as part of its comprehensive transformation journey.

In terms of investment in the human capital, the bank has launched a number of tailored comprehensive training and development schemes, jointly with strategic partners. It has also been supporting developmental initiatives by the government in addition to aiding and nurturing SMEs and entrepreneurial projects to keep the economy cycle running. The bank introduced several programmes to attract local and foreign investors, and has facilitated key strategic partnerships across government, quasi-government and private sector organisations.

Wed, 21 Oct 2020

BankDhofar Honors Women by Conducting Omani Women's Day DrawBankDhofar Honors Women by Conducting Omani Women's Day Draw

Marking the Omani Women's Day, which is celebrated on 17th of October every year, BankDhofar conducted Omani Women's Day Draw with a total prize amount of OMR 5,000. The draw which was conducted with the attendance of Siham Ahmed Al Harthy, Chairman of Dar Al Ofuq Group, saw 5 lucky winners take home OMR 1,000 each.

Commenting on the draw, Dr. Tariq Taha, Chief Retail Banking Officer at BankDhofar said: "Omani Women's Day is one of the important occasions which is celebrated every year to recognize the roles played by the women in various sectors. To honor women for their immense contributions, we have dedicated a special prize for women as part of our Savings Account Scheme 2020".

During the draw event, BankDhofar applied the preventive measures including social distance and adhering to wearing face mask for the attendees to avoid the widespread of COVID19.

With a total of nearly OMR 2 million, the scheme is valid till December 2020. As per the prize draw scheme, BankDhofar customers who save a minimum of 100 OMR in their accounts are eligible to enter the draws and get the chance to win in the guaranteed branch wise draws including; the monthly prize draws for all customers worth OMR 1,000 (each/ branch wise), and the monthly minor prize draws worth OMR 250 each/ branch wise. In addition to that, this year's Savings Account Scheme includes Monthly prize draws worth OMR 5,000 for 2 winners each, and Youth Prizes worth OMR 1,000 for 2 winners each. BankDhofar will continue celebrating occasions with customers through rewarding them for saving. The Bank will conduct Omani Women's Day prize draw, where 5 lucky winners will take home OMR 1,000 each, and National Day prize draw where 5 customers will get the chance to win OMR 10,000 each. As for Al Riadah customers, one customer will win in the monthly draw a prize worth OMR 25,000, and grand prize draw worth OMR 250,000 for 2 winners each.

Sun, 18 Oct 2020

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