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BankDhfar Conducts Year-End Grand Prize Draw at Al Riadah Priority Banking Gathering

  • OMR 500,000 for two winners, OMR 250,000 each

Demonstrating its keenness to stay connected with customers, BankDhofar recently organized Al Riadah Priority Banking Services gathering. The event was graced and attended by Al Riadah customers, whereas representing the bank and welcoming prestige customers were BankDhofar Al Riadah team and executive team members.

On the gathering, Dr. Tariq Taha, Chief Retail Banking Officer at BankDhofar said: "This gathering is an opportunity for us to interact with our customers directly and hear from them. At BankDhofar, we have always been committed to design tailor-made products, services and financial solutions for our customers. We are always open for their feedback and suggestions, which help us elevate the level of our services and products."

BankDhofar applied the preventive measures to avoid the widespread of COVID19. As part of the event, BankDhofar conducted the Year-End Grand Prize draw of the Savings Account Scheme 2020. The draw saw two Al Riadah Priority Banking winners of valuable cash prize worth OMR 250,000 each.

Congratulating the winners, Dr. Tariq Taha added: "I would like to congratulate the two lucky winners of the grand prize draw, and all the winners throughout the year. The scheme saw large popularity this year, as we introduced new draw categories, in which we provided the chance to win for all family members be it children, youth or ladies. Our main aim of the Savings Account Scheme is to encourage our customer to save, and we reward them for that."

Al Riadah Priority Banking provides a unique range of banking products and services that are tailored to suit the unique lifestyle of priority customers, ranging from personalized cheque book, exclusive Al Riadah card, including; Visa Infinite Debit Card, Visa Signature Debit Card, Visa Infinite Credit Card, and MasterCard Platinum Credit Card. Customers can enjoy exceptional times at restaurants, shops, as well as procurement protection, extended warranty, access to airport lounges around the world, travel insurance for cardholders and their families, in addition to other exclusive services. BankDhofar has tailor-made financing solutions to meet the needs of its priority banking customers with low insurance fees and simple and fast procedures. The Bank also provides deposit accounts at competitive interest rates and low insurance fees. Al Riadah customers may benefit from the distinct monthly interest rate of the Savings Account, and get the chance to win in the special draws for Al Riadah segment.

BankDhofar has dedicated Al Riadah counters in most BankDhofar branches and established specialized Al Riadah centers that provide a private and unique experience in Muscat (Muscat Grand Mall, Mall of Muscat, and Royal Opera House), Batinah - North (Sohar), and Dhofar (Salalah).

Thu, 14 Jan 2021

Total Cash Prizes of OMR 500,000 with BankDhofar's Savings Account Scheme Grand Prize Draw

BankDhofar's Savings Account Scheme Grand Prize Draw awaits two lucky winners, who will take home OMR 250,000 each. The Savings Account Scheme, which reiterates BankDhofar's keenness to spread the culture of saving among the community, rewarded customers throughout the year and provided chances for all family members to win valuable cash prizes.

Commenting on the upcoming grand prize draw, Dr. Tariq Taha, Chief Retail Banking Officer, at BankDhofar said: "In addition to providing best services and products to our customers, we are keen to instill saving habits among the community. We are glad with the success of 2020 Savings Account Scheme, in which we introduced new categories to ensure providing chances to win for all family members, including; children, youth, and ladies. In addition to the guaranteed prizes for every branch, with bigger prizes and more winners ensuring more customers are included in the scheme. We have also dedicated major prizes for our Priority Banking customers. We wish all the best for our customers in the coming Grand Prize Draw, in which 2 lucky customers will get the chance to win OMR 250,000 each."

Wed, 06 Jan 2021

Maisarah Islamic Banking Services’ to Hold Grand Prize Draw of the Prize Account Scheme

Maisarah Islamic Banking Services is all set to conduct its Grand Prize draw of the Prize Account Scheme. As part of Grand Prize draw, Maisarah Islamic Banking Services is offering its customers a chance to win OMR 25,000, OMR 50,000 and OMR 100,000 as prize amount for one winner each.

Nasser Said Al Bahantah, Chief Retail Banking Officer at Maisarah said, “We are delighted to organise the Grand Prize draw of the Prize Account Scheme, which has garnered positive feedback from our customers. Our scheme has encouraged our customers to continue saving. The Prize Account Scheme, which makes winning easier, has not only been encouraging people to take charge of their finances but also rewarding them substantially for their saving habits. Maisarah will continue to provide our customers with the best products and distinctive experience.”

Maisarah Prize Account is based on the Islamic profit sharing concept of Mudarabah. The Prize Account Scheme offers customers a chance to win big prizes, by just maintaining a minimum balance of OMR 100 over a small period.

The 2020 edition of the Prize Account Scheme offered bigger prizes, more winners, and guaranteed prizes for each branch throughout the year. The scheme made winning easier for customers by providing more chances for customers to win a prize pool of more than OMR 700,000, in the main prizes, special prizes, segment prizes, and grand prizes.

Maisarah Islamic Banking Services, the Islamic window of BankDhofar, is a full-service provider of a broad range of Sharia-compliant financial products and solutions. Maisarah maintains a complete segregation of business activities in order to provide Sharia-compliant financial services to its valued customers. As a part of its strategy, the Islamic window has maintained high standards of corporate governance, research and development, corporate social responsibility and customer service that have helped in winning various awards in local and international markets. It offers financial products and solutions in Corporate Banking, Retail banking, Investment Banking and Treasury.

Mon, 04 Jan 2021

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