Bank Dhofar

Management Team


Abdul Hakeem Omar Al Ojaili

Chief Executive Officer

Abdul Hakeem Omar Al Ojaili is a veteran banker with over 27 years of progressive banking experience. He assumed the leadership of BankDhofar in 2013 with a proven track record of vast experience in Corporate & Retail Banking, Operations Management, Technology and Corporate Support Services - all gained while navigating through the organisation from its embryonic inception to aiding development of BankDhofar to become one of the leading banks in Oman.

Prior to his current role, Abdul Hakeem was the General Manager of Corporate Services where he led the restructuring and transformation of the bank’s entire support functions including Operations, Technology, Support Services and Human Resources. Before that he headed the Retail Banking and Marketing Division, during which the bank had achieved strong growth, performance and network expansion.

Abdul Hakeem started his career in wholesale banking for a number of years where he managed a diverse corporate portfolio in businesses and industries. Gaining exposure in the international banking environment, he was also cross posted on a number of assignments with JP Morgan and Lloyds TSB.

Abdul Hakeem holds a BA and MBA from Exeter University in the UK and is also an alumnus of both Harvard and London Business Schools Executive Education Programs.


Ahmed Said Al Ibrahim

General Manager & Chief Corporate Services Officer

Ahmed Said Al Ibrahim serves BankDhofar in the capacity of General Manager & Chief Corporate Services Officer and has been with the bank since 1996 in a variety of rolls across the business. The Corporate Services department encompasses a number of departments including Central Operations, Digital & Information, Transformation, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Logistics, Premises & Procurement.

Ahmed has more than 22 years of experience which includes Management, Sales and Marketing, Government Banking, Quality Assurance, Investment Banking and Priority Banking with various organisations.

Ahmed sits on the Bank’s Asset & Liability Committee, Executive Management Committee, Investment Management Committee, Management Credit Committee and is the Chairman of the Purchase Committee and the Business Continuity Committee. He holds an MBA from University of Hull UK, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication from Sultan Qaboos University. He has also attended the Executive Leadership Programme at the London Business School and several other programs in Management, Business and Banking.


Kamal Hassan Al Murazza

General Manager & Chief Wholesale Banking Officer

Kamal Hassan Al Murazza is the General Manager & Chief Wholesale Banking Officer at BankDhofar. The Whole Sale Banking Group consists of Large Corporates, Project Finance & Syndications, Mid Sector Corporates, Business Banking, Payments and Cash Management, MIS/Projects and the Advisory & Investment Banking Division.

Kamal has more than 15 years of experience in Corporate Banking, Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing, Risk Management and Business Strategies.

Kamal is an astute Corporate Banker who has served BankDhofar in various positions, after which he joined HSBC Oman as Unit Head, followed by the position of AGM Corporate Banking at Bank Sohar before returning to BankDhofar in 2010.

He is a member of the Bank’s Asset & Liability Committee, the Technology Committee and sits as Deputy Chairman of the Management Credit Committee, Deputy Chairman of Management Risk Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee and is the Chairman of the Human Resources Committee.

Kamal holds a Bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University, USA and attended several specialized banking programs in Oman and internationally.


Faisal Hamad Al Wahaibi

General Manager & Chief Retail Banking Officer

Faisal Hamad Al-Wahaibi is the General Manager & Chief Retail Banking Officer at BankDhofar. The Retail Banking Division comprises of Retail Credit, Electronic Banking, Retail Products, Segments and Services, Branch Network, Branch Support, Institutional Sales, Customer Relationship Management and Projects Management Departments.

Faisal joined the Bank in 2009 as Assistant General Manager of Retail Banking and is a member of the Bank’s Asset & Liability Committee, Executive Committee, Management Credit Committee, Management Risk Committee, Purchase Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Human Resources Management Committee and is the Chairman of Staff Recognition Panel.

Faisal has more than 20 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Relationship Management, Customer Experience, Budgeting / Planning / Funding, Regulatory Affairs, Outsourcing and Restructuring, Cost Control and Reduction, Sales/ Marketing/ Distribution, Staff Development, Customer retention strategies, telecommunications, Operations, Retail and Accounts with organisations like Bank Muscat, MENA Business Services in Dubai and Omantel.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Missouri, USA.


Shankar Krishnan Sharma

Chief Financial Officer

Shankar Sharma joined BankDhofar in 2012 and he serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Shankar is responsible for all financial affairs, guides in setting strategy and planning for the Bank. He plays a key role in shaping and driving a performance culture to achieve superior and sustainable long-term financial results.

Shankar comes with rich experience in financial services industry including his leadership role as Chief Executive Officer of Arab Financial Services B.S.C. (AFS), Bahrain. Prior to his role of CEO, he was CFO at AFS, and in the senior management team of the National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia.

He sits on various Management level committees of BankDhofar including, Deputy Chairman Asset Liability Management Committee, Deputy Chairman Human Resources Management Committee, Deputy Chairman Purchase Committee, Deputy Chairman Information Technology Steering Committee, Deputy Chairman Business Continuity Management Group, Investment Management Committee and Management Risk Committee.

Shankar is a Certified Public Accountant from Delaware State Board of Accountancy, USA, Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Cost and Management Accountant, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India and holds an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, UK. He has attended and completed several technical courses including IFRS, US-GAAP, Canadian GAAP, Canadian Taxation, Basel III, antimony laundering and risk management.


Nasser Said Al Bahantah

Chief Human Resources Officer

Nasser is a seasoned entrepreneurial business and HR professional with over 23 years of experience in the field during which he led major restructuring and transformations of HR functions in the Financial Services (Conventional & Islamic Banking), Telecommunications and Oil & Gas industries across the GCC.

Nasser brings a diverse experience across industries in leadership roles in leading local, regional and multinational companies, including Shell, Schlumberger, Omantel, Bank Al Jazira, National Bank of Oman and Aon Hewitt prior to joining BankDhofar.

Nasser is responsible for the strategic leadership of the Human Resources functions of the Bank. he has a wealth of experience particularly in the financial services sector where he served as DGM & Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of National Bank of Oman and AGM & Chief Human Resources Officer of Bank Al Jazzira, based in Jeddah, KSA.

Nasser has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Yarmouk University in Jordan and Global Executive Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Leadership from Rutgers University, USA.


Bashir Said Al Subhi

AGM & Head of Treasury & Financial Institution

Bashir joined BankDhofar in 2007 as Assistant General Manager of Treasury & International Banking divisions. He has a vast experience of more than 20 years in Treasury and Investment overseeing overall strategic aspects of Treasury and International banking at BankDhofar and initiating new development plans.

He’s an active team member in several Bank Committees including the Bank’s Asset Liability Committee, Management Risk Committee, and Executive Committee. Bashir is also a Vice Chairman of the bank’s investment Committee and secretary to the Board Investment Committee.

Prior to joining BankDhofar, Bashir worked with Oman International Bank as Chief Manager, Treasury and Investment Departments supervising the banks overall Treasury and Liquidity activities and responsible for managing international and local Investment Portfolios of the Bank.

Bashir holds an MSc in Financial Services as well as post graduate Diploma in Risk Management from Glasgow University, UK. He is a member of the Certified Finance and Treasury Professionals, Australia since 2006 and also Oman Representative for Arab Campiest Association and Khaleej Financial Markets Association. He has attended the Oxford Strategic Leadership Program and also the London School of Treasury Management Program in the UK in addition to other training programs worldwide with globally recognized institutes.


Hani Habib Macki

AGM & Head of Strategic Business Development

Bringing in a wide experience gained through working for local and international banks in Oman and aboard, Hani Macki joined BankDhofar in 2009 and he now heads the Strategy & Planning Department in the capacity of Assistant General Manager. Hani has over 18 years of management experience in Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Real Estate.

Hani has been a member of various executive committees at BankDhofar including the IT Committee, Staff Recognition Committee, Asset Liability Credit Committee, Management Credit Policy Committee, Operational Risk Management Committee, Investment Committee, Core Banking System Transformation Committee as well as the Chairman of the Staff Suggestion Scheme. He is also a former board member of the Environment Society of Oman, Salaam Insurance, Munawala Services and the Fund for Development of Youth Projects.

Hani holds a BSc in Business Administration and a Certificate in International Business from Duquesne University, USA.


Tariq Saleh Taha

Chief Digital Banking & Information Officer

Tariq Taha joined BankDhofar in 2012 and he is the Chief Information Officer and Assistant General Manager. The Information Department comprises of Enterprise Projects Management Office, Information Technology Division & Information Security Department.

With a proven track record in delivering service excellence across multiple geographies, Tariq is an experienced leader, possessing a wealth of ‘Start-up’ and international experience over 18 years including working for Virgin mobile MEA, Q-Tel, Central Bank of Oman & PDO to name a few.

He has a hands-on approach with the ability to deliver business growth through providing flexible and agile technologies that caters for smooth operation and delivers standout ideas. Tariq sits on the bank’s Executive Management Committee, Management Risk Committee, Business Continuity Management Committee and Information Technology Committee. Tariq holds a PhD & Masters degrees in Management.


Mohammed Hilal Al Reyami

DGM & Head of Internal Audit

Mohammed Al Reyami serves BankDhofar in the role of Assistant General Manager & Head of Internal Audit Division. The Internal Audit Division consists of 5 specialised sections in order to position itself with the right skills and competencies needed to provide a value addition in assurance and consultancy services to all stakeholders including the Board of Directors and management of BankDhofar.

Mohammed joined the Internal Audit Department in 2010 and has been active in improving audit methodology from a traditional approach to a risk based audit. Also, he successfully implemented Audit Management System for automation of all audit processes and performance reporting. Mohammed has over 20 years of experience in internal auditing having previously worked for the Central Bank of Oman. He contributes to all committees including management meetings and audit committee meetings at BankDhofar.

Mohammed holds MSc in Computer Auditing from the UK, a BSc in Accounting Control Systems from the USA and a Diploma in Accounting and Banking in Oman. He is also a certified risk based auditor (CRBA).


Mohammed Iqbal Al Balushi

AGM & Head of Operations & Support Services

Mohamed Iqbal Al Balushi presently serves BankDhofar in the capacity of Assistant General Manager Operations & Support Services. BankDhofar’s Support Services comprises of Central Operations Division, Legal Department, Recoveries Department, Branch Operations Department, Logistics, Premises & Procurement Department, Credit Control Department, Card Service Centre, Credit Administration Department and Business Continuity Management Department.

With over 26 years of experience in management and banking operations, Mohamed Iqbal joined the Bank in 1990 and has since served the organisation in various capacities such as Retail Banking, Branches and the Central Operations Division as a Head of the division prior to his present assignment.

Mohammed Iqbal sits on the Bank’s Asset & Liability Committee, Management Credit Committee, Management Risk Committee, Management Executive Committee, Human Resource Sub- Committee, Purchase & Tendering Committee, Information Technology Committee and is the Chairman of the Business Continuity Management Committee.

Mohamed holds MBA in General Management from University of wales, institute of Cardiff UK and also an alumnus of Darden School of Business, University of Virginia USA.


Shaleen Chugh

DGM & Head of corporate banking

Shaleen Chugh works with BankDhofar in the capacity of DGM & Head of corporate banking under the umbrella of the Wholesale Banking Group which consists of Large Corporates Division, Project Finance & Syndications, Mid Sector Corporates, Trade Finance, MIS and Projects.

He has more than 30 years of experience in Corporate Banking, Project Finance, Syndications, Relationship management, sales & marketing, Risk Management, Business strategies with organisations like Rallis India part of Tata Group and ANZ Grindlays.

Shaleen is an astute corporate banker having served BankDhofar previously before moving to QNB Muscat as Head of Corporate Banking. He re-joined BankDhofar in 2013.

Shaleen is a part of the Bank’s Asset & Liability Committee, Executive Management Committee, Management Credit Committee and the Investment Management Committee. He holds an MBA in Finance and is a member of Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India.


P.M Ranganathan

Head of Risk Management

Ranganathan joined BankDhofar in 2007 as the Head of Risk Management, looking after the entire Risk Management function of the bank and reports directly to the Risk Management Committee. As Head of Risk Management. Ranganathan has more than 36 years of experience in the banking which includes the areas of Large Credit, Heading large branches, Foreign Exchange operations, Annual budgeting, Audit & investigations and Risk Management. Prior to joining BankDhofar he was AGM of Integrated Risk Management Department in one of the largest public sector banks in India and was also a member in the working group for Basel II implementation formed by Reserve Bank of India. He is also a member of most management level committees at BankDhofar including the Asset Liability Management Committee, Management Credit Committee, Investment Management Committee, Management Risk Committee, Human Resources Committee and also member of Board level Credit Committee.

Ranganathan holds a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics from Madras University.


Deepti Rai

Head of Compliance & Corporate Governance

Deepti Rai presently serves BankDhofar as Head of Compliance & Corporate Governance. Deepti joined the Bank in 2010 and is an accomplished professional, presenting leadership and over fourteen years throughout the GCC with experience across Banking, Corporate Governance, Compliance and the Anti-Money Laundering domain with International banks including ICICI Bank Ltd and Al Khalij Commercial Bank, Qatar.

She holds MBA in Finance and an MSc from reputed Indian Universities. She has a track record of attaining recognition from Regulators, bagging the Corporate Governance Excellence Award, automating Anti-Money Laundering Controls, developing a Compliance Culture within the Bank and successfully implementing risk based compliance frameworks.


Issam Mohsin Al Balushi

AGM & Head of Compliance

Well versed with the banking regulatory environment of Oman, with rich experience of over 14 years in both business and control side of banking, Issam Al Balushi serves as the Head of Compliance, responsible for mitigating compliance risk of the Bank.

Issam joined the Bank in 2009, when he was shouldered to establish Bank’s Policies & Procedures framework, including the internal governance of the bank, by heading policies & procedures department. He has headed several projects, putting in place adequate documents to operationalize decisions including contributing in developing BankDhofar’s Islamic window’s policies, procedures and products schemes.

Prior to joining BankDhofar, Issam served as an onsite Banking Examiner with Central Bank of Oman (CBO), where he evaluated financial institutions performance and suggested diagnostic solutions, and was exposed to training by the Federal Reserve and the FDIC, USA.

Issam is a post Graduate in International Trade from Victoria University, Australia, a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and also completed his International Diploma in Compliance from International Compliance Association (ICA) in association with Manchester Business School.


Osama Fathi Al Mansoor

DGM & Head of Transformation

Osama Al Mansour’s professional experience spans over 24 years in Banking & Financial Services, both Islamic and conventional. He managed and led major re-structuring and transformation assignments in leading financial institutions in both the GCC and Levant Regions.

Osama also held various leadership positions and roles in various regional financial services institutions including, Group Head Support and Transformation at the Jeddah-based Bank Al Jazira, Chief Operating Officer at the International Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), and Chief Transformation Officer of both Arab Bank Plc. and Jordan Kuwait Bank.

Osama holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of Toledo Ohio, a Master of Arts in Management and an MBA in Financial Management and Marketing from National University Sacramento, California.


Sohail Niazi

Deputy General Manager & Chief Executive, Maisarah Islamic Banking Services

Sohail Niazi is the Assistant General Manager of BankDhofar Islamic Banking window - Maisarah Islamic Banking Services. Prior to joining the bank, he was Acting CEO at Elaf Bank, an Islamic Wholesale Bank in Bahrain.

Sohail has more than 20 years of financial services, banking and management consulting experience in the Middle East, Asia and the USA. He has previously held positions at Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and KPMG Consulting.

He holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona and an MSc in Finance from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, USA.


Hussain Ali Ibrahim Al Lawati

AGM & Head of Business Banking

Hussain joined BankDhofar in 2014 and he brings in an extensive banking experience, majorly in SME & Mid Corporates. He served in several Financial Institutions in Oman in leading positions. As the AGM & Head of Business Banking, Hussain responsible for SME and Payment & cash management. In addition to his responsibilities, Hussain is also a member of the Credit Committee in Al Rafd Fund, responsible for analysing and evaluating loan application.

Hussain holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from University of Mumbai, India, and he is a certified expert in SME Finance from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany. He also holds a Diploma in Management from Institute of Leadership & Management, UK. Recently, Hussain has successfully undertaken a specialist programme in Leading Strategy Execution in Financial Services, from Harvard Business School.

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