Bank Dhofar

COVID 19 Preventive Measures

Amidst the widespread of Coronavirus COVID-19, we would like to assure you that we strictly follow the directives issued by COVID-19 Supreme Council, for your safety and wellbeing, and we would like to thank you for your continues trust.

BankDhofar's Preventive Measures to Combat COVID 19

  • BankDhofar launched "Your Health is Our Priority" digital campaign to spread awareness on the preventive measures tavoid the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Awareness posters are distributed in all branches.
  • Regular sanitization of the Bank’s premises, including branches, and ATMs and CDMs.
  • Distributing sanitizers in all branches, ATMs and CDMs.
  • Raising awareness among customers on the importance of sanitizing their hands before and after conducting any transaction.
BankDhofar's 24/7 Digital Channels for customers

We urge you to stay at home for the safety of the community, and you may conduct your transactions 24/7 through:

  • Mobile Banking App
    • Cardless cash
    • Instant transfer to any Bank in the Sultanate around the clock
    • Mobile top-up for all telecom providers in the Sultanate
    • Bill payment for all telecom, electricity, water providers in the Sultanate.
    • Increasing withdrawal limit to OMR 5,000.
    • Mobile Wallet Transfer to any other wallet in the Sultanate
    • Fund transfer within your own accounts
    • Fund transfer locally to any BankDhofar account
    • Fund transfer internationally
    • Manage your cards
    • Request a cheque book
    • View account, card or loan statement
  • Internet Banking, ATM & CDM, Call Centre services. For details click here
  • In addition to a host of Corporate Banking Services. For details click here

Services available in branches:

All banking services except the above mentioned services that can be conducted through Mobile Banking App.

Opened Branches:
  • Muscat Governorate
    • Al Qurum
    • Al Amerat
    • Corporate Branch
    • New Bousher
    • Muscat International Airport
    • Al Khoudh
    • Seeb Town
    • Ghala
    • Quraiyat
    • Al Khuwair - Ministries
    • Mall of Muscat
    • Al Riadah Prestige Opera Galleria
    • Bousher Polyclinic
    • MBD
    • Muscat
    • Muscat Grand Mall
    • Muttrah
    • Ruwi
    • Al Wadi Al Kabir
    • New Muscat International Airport
  • North Al Batinah Governorate
    • Al Khadra
    • Al Khaboura
    • Sohar
    • Shinas
    • Saham
    • Suwaiq
    • Hafeet
    • Falaj Al Qabail
  • South Al Batinah Governorate
    • Al Mulladah
    • Barka
    • Al Rustaq
  • Al Wusta Governorate
    • Al Duqum
  • Al Buraimi Governorates
    • Buraimi
  • Adh’Dhahira Governorate
    • Ibri
    • Yanqul
  • Adh’Dakhiliya Governorate
    • Sumail
    • Izki
    • Adam
    • Nizwa
    • Bahla
    • BidBid
  • North Ash’Sharqiya Governorate
    • Samad Al Shaan
    • Ibra
    • Sinaw
    • Al Muntrib
    • Al Mudhaibi
  • South Ash’Sharqiya Governorate
    • Al Kamil & Al Wafi
    • Jalaan Bani Bu Ali
    • Sur
    • Jalaan Bani Bu Hassan
  • Dhofar Governorate
    • Salalah
    • Saada
    • Salalah Commercial
    • Taqa
    • Mirbat
    • Salalah Al Gharbiya
    • Raysut
    • Salalah Gardens Mall

Our Contact Centre is also available 24/7 to serve you and answer your queries. Should you have any questions, please contact us on 24791111.

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