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Welcome to Bank Dhofar.

At BankDhofar we strive to be ‘the best bank for you’ by making banking easy.

BankDhofar currently has a nationwide network of 66 branches & 1 Corporate center ( 57 branches of BankDhofar & 10 Branches of Maisarah Islamic Banking services) and 120 ATMs and 57 CDMs and 15 FFMs across the length and breadth of the Sultanate.

As one of the fastest growing financial services institution in the Sultanate, we offer Corporate banking, Consumer banking, Treasury and Project Finance services - designed to meet the diverse needs of consumers, small and medium size businesses and mid-market companies in the region.


The bank, then known as Bank Dhofar al Omani al Fransi, was incorporated in January 1990 and commenced operations with two branches, one in Muscat and the other in Salalah.

Key Milestones

  • 1992 - The Bank purchased the assets and liabilities of Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) from the Central Bank of Oman, thus expanding its network.

  • 1999 - A new Head office building was inaugurated in the Commercial Business District marking the bank’s 10th anniversary.

  • 2000 - The bank purchased 16 Commercial Bank branches, which widened the bank’s network to 43 branches and 55 ATMs.

  • 2002 - Merger of Bank Dhofar al Omani al Fransi and Majan International Bank.

  • 2003 - The Bank after obtaining all regulatory and administrative approvals shortened its name to BankDhofar.

  • 2013 – Launch of Maisarah Islamic Banking Services

Present Day

As Oman's second-largest bank (by market value), BankDhofar has earned the reputation of a financial institution with a strong commitment to consistency and growth. In addition to the conventional banking products and services the bank offers several electronic banking services, such as, Internet banking, Phone Banking, SMS banking, cash deposit and payment machines.

With assets worth over RO 4.21 billion, BankDhofar is one of the fastest growing Banks in the Sultanate of Oman, with a strong presence in Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, Treasury and Project Finance. The branch network has reached 71 with an extensive ATM network spanning the country. BankDhofar has a reputation of commitment, foresight and solid growth.

Commitment to Our Customers

Our Commitment is based on the Bank’s Values and is part of what we do and communicate to our external guests. Our aim is to instill trust & confidence and hence we strive towards; 

  • Transparency, making it a daily habit to be open, clear, professional and respectful in the messages we deliver. Our actions are aligned with our intention, to enable those we touch with the ability to make their best choices. Always.

  • Innovation: We are naturally curious. Our relentless pursuit of delivering the inspiring means we respect yesterday, learn from today and look to tomorrow. Our willingness to transform knows no limit

  • Service Excellence: We take ownership for delivering service par excellence to our, customers, partners, stakeholders and communities. If we haven’t anticipated what you need, connect us to it and see what happens

Code of Ethics & Fair Practices

Confidentiality of Information

Confidentiality is an essential requirement of the Bank’s business. Therefore, information that employees come across regularly during the course of business must be treated appropriately, and not disclosed to unauthorized persons or entities. We treat Guest information with the highest level of secrecy & discretion.

Honest and Ethical Conduct always

Our inherent culture compels us to deal honestly, ethically and fairly with both our guests and competitors. Whatever we do and disclose is never misleading, deceptive or fraudulent. We uphold this trait and never take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, abuse of privileged information or any other unfair-dealing practice.

Accuracy of Records and Reports

It is important to the Bank that our employees honestly and accurately report all business transactions & never conceal, misrepresent or hide data that may be of detrimental nature to the Bank or our guests.

Reporting and Compliance Procedures

Having a strong whistleblower policy, we empower the responsibility to ask questions, seek guidance, report suspected violations and express concerns regarding compliance. Any employee, who knows or believes that any other employee or representative of the Bank has engaged or is engaging in conduct that violates applicable law immediately takes action to report the same.  We are committed to sharing high-quality and accurate data both internally and externally, assuring that no relevant information is omitted.

Proactive problem solving and guidance

At Bank Dhofar we work hard to ensure that you receive the most appropriate advice and guidance to make better decisions. We anticipate a need and help create the moment. Not only do we work towards providing a realistic Realtime assessment to your needs but also ensure that we deliver the guidance with competence and in a manner that suits your current requirements

Respect for Others

Guests can sense the Omani Hospitality from the moment they enter through our doors. We treat everyone with superior respect and ensure that all our Guests receive the attention & treatment they deserve. All our Guests are important and that is why we are committed to treating people equally and fairly be it with our internal staff or our guests.

Caring & Reliable

We always pursue excellence in all things we do and constantly endeavor to increase our sense of attention to our guests in the most innovative means possible and the shortest & lean durations. All Bank Employees have a duty to care for their relationships with Guests, acting honestly and striving to achieve the highest level of quality, professionalism & long-term trust.


We believe that free competition is the best way to promote a competitive, fair and healthy business environment. We act with integrity and promote a business environment that is free of fraud and manipulation. Our values give precedence to our nature and foster a deep desire to internally challenge the current delivery and service standards.

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