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BankDhofar Women’s Development Program completes One year

Muscat :- BankDhofar announced the one year completion of the in-house Women’s Development Program (WDP) that was conceptualized and facilitated by the BankDhofar Academy a year ago when a total of around 30 female employees were selected from scores of applicants for the first level WDP. The objective of the WDP is to develop high potential female employees and prepare them for taking up higher managerial/leadership roles through well-structured programs and a strong focus on emotional intelligence at the basic and advanced level, work/life balance, and women in leadership.

The first part of the WDP covered ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and was facilitated by Dr Yasmeen Al Balushi, Certified Emotional Intelligence trainer and Assistant Dean of Academic Support & Student Affairs at the College of Banking and Finance Studies (CBFS) who covered the importance of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, key competencies of emotional intelligence and the relationship between emotional intelligence and organizational change. This also helped the participants to provide new perspective on stress, cause of stress, and cycles of stress and how to shift back to balanced state when distressed. Motivation was another key aspect that was further understood from the lens of emotional intelligence.

The second part of the WDP was on ‘Work Life Balance’ for female leaders which was conducted by Marwan Koraytem from the National Training Institute (NTI). This program covered the importance of work life balance for women leaders focusing on attitude, personal productivity and SMART objectives. This helped the participants to understand developing priorities, creating boundaries, engaging in self-care, managing the day effectively and efficiently, and designing reasonable expectations.

The third part of the WDP focused on ‘Women In leadership’ which was conducted by Nagham Odeh from Middle East Training Development LTD to reinforce a higher level of business leadership skills women need to have and to build to support females interacting with colleagues in the workplace. The course also concentrated on the leadership skills needed for women to communicate more effectively with clients and stakeholders and to help create a seamless support function for topline management.

The fourth part of the WDP highlighted higher levels of a more advanced approach to Emotional Intelligence. This covered building trust, managing performance, effective feedback, customer care, organizational climate and customer centric culture and conflict management.

Commenting on the program, Nasser Said Al Bahantah, Deputy General Manager of Human Resources, said “this program reflects our people strategy in which different talent pools are provided planned developmental programs to meet both business as well as individual needs. These initiatives will enhance our ability to attract, retain and motivate our best talent in line with our vision of becoming the best bank in gulf. BankDhofar inaugurated the Women’s Development Program last year with a strong and positive response from participants that include a cross section of our staff from those in branches throughout the Sultanate to our colleagues in the Head Office. Investing in our people is a key strategy that we firmly believe will continue to yield promising results, and this program is one of several key talent development programs being implemented by the bank. Congratulations to all those that have completed the Women’s Development Program!”

Mon, 28 Apr 2014

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