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BankDhofar launches innovative new services at Call Center for the first time in the Sultanate

In a recent spate of initiatives aimed at providing better and more efficient customer service, BankDhofar launched its innovative new value added features to the previously implemented Interactive Voice Response (IVR)service, for it’sround the clock call centre.These beneficial value added features will update customers calling at the centre on queuesize and estimate waiting time for completing a request. The caller will therefore, have a choice as to whether to stay in queue, or receive a call back from the Call Center in order to answer their query.

“We are the first bank to introduce these features within the IVR service availablein Oman and are confident thatthis will reduce the number of abandoned calls and will increase customer satisfaction in the long run.BankDhofar’s new feature at the call centre is a small courtesy we extend to our valuable customers. It will also enable our call centre facility to function more efficiently and effectively and it will cut down on waiting time significantly for customers,” commented Milad Al Ajmi, Acting Manager of BankDhofar’s Call Center.

The new features with the IVR serviceare activated if a call has been queued for over one minute. It then informs the customer of the expected waiting time before their query can be tended to; length of the queue and it activates a call back facility if the customer does not wish to wait in line. An advantage of the call back feature is that it gives the customer the option to receive a call back on the same number in use or a different one. It also allows them to choose immediate call back or set a specific time for call back which was put in place to cater to their customers’ convenience.

Apart from the new features within the IVR service, BankDhofar has introduced 12 new services to its call centre. These include updating customer information such as personal details (phone number, home address, email) in the core banking system,debit card transaction limit increase and much more.


Mon, 21 Apr 2014

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